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Since he was three years old, there has been something in Jason’s hand to make a mark with.  A crayon, a pen, a pencil, anything. His love for comics began before he could even read. The pictures said it all.  Action, adventure, horror, drama, all captured with pen and pencil. The pages brought to life everything a boy dreams of and more.  They were his first love in the art world, and he still loves them today. His love for tattoos began with his own family, mesmerized by the navy tattoos on his grandfather’s hands.  He knew even then, as a little boy that he would have tattoos. Looking back, his grandfather’s tattoos were very rough and faded, but were the beginning of a passion that would never leave him.

Jason has walked many paths, but committed himself to becoming a professional artist in 2011. He served his apprenticeship under Ed Sheffer and learned everything he could from the rest of the staff at Diversified Ink.  Since then he has taken on a leadership position as Studio Manger. Jason loves horror art and comic book style tattoos. Although he prides himself on being able to take on almost any tattoo that walks through the door, he particularly enjoys the challenge of cover-ups, taking on projects most artists in the area will not.

Jason has lived in the Bangor area most of his life.  In his free time he enjoys camping, shooting, and live music.  He has been married to his wife Bridgette since 2005.

Jason's Tattoos

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