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From a very young age, Leah’s mother and grandmother vehemently supported any and all artistic and craft-related endeavors, fostering a comfort in her own creativity. While in high school Leah was interested in ceramics and painting using alternative methods, such as finger-painting, dot work, and linework. This passion grew throughout her college careers and Leah found herself integrating her artwork into projects in the classroom.

Ed Sheffer completed Leah’s first tattoos and a strong artist-client relationship was developed.  Leah began her career at Diversified Ink in 2017 working in the office, while pursuing her Master’s degree at a local university. Between clinical rotations and class schedules Leah always found time to be at the shop helping out, and began to feel like the shop was family.

After graduating in May, Leah decided to pursue a career as a tattoo artist in August of 2020. She especially enjoys tattooing anatomically correct pieces, linework, mandalas, comic book characters, and anything Frank Miller inspired. In her spare time, Leah enjoys long-distance running, reading, and cooking.

Leah's Tattoos

Leah's Artwork

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