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About Judy

Judy Dang, a natural creator at heart, comes from a family of artists and has been immersed in various art forms since her early years. Her lifelong passion for artistic expression has led her on a journey of both traditional and cosmetic tattooing.

As a dedicated artist, Judy focuses on enhancing her clients’ natural beauty through the art of cosmetic and medical tattooing, also known as permanent makeup or micropigmentation. Her comprehensive range of cosmetic tattooing services includes eyebrow microblading, powder brows, lip blush, permanent eyeliner, scar camouflage, hairline and scalp restoration, and 3D areola tattooing for nipple restoration.

Judy’s artistic zeal doesn’t stop at cosmetic tattooing. She has an affinity for tattooing her unique neotraditional-style artwork onto people’s bodies, often featuring animals and distinctive lady faces.

Her journey began in the world of traditional tattooing, and she subsequently pursued advanced education to master the realm of cosmetic and medical tattooing. Judy’s commitment to excellence led her to complete advanced training at the Nouveau Contour Permanent Makeup Academy, earning her four certifications in cosmetic and medical tattooing. Her expertise is acknowledged by both the SPCP and AAM.

Outside of her tattooing endeavors, Judy balances her life by attending college, cherishing moments with her dog and two hairless cats, and indulging in her passion for classic horror movies. Her fascination with the macabre is evident in her collection of skulls and oddities, embodying her love for all things spooky.

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SMP, hairline restoration, scar camouflage nipple restoration tattoo, and traditional body art tattoo – price varies and is determined at consultation
If you are interested in permanent makeup, USING THE QUOTE FORM, send a picture of their primary concern area with no makeup or filters on, a reference picture, and a placement photo.

Microblading and Micropigmentation Prices

Microblading/combo/ombre brow – $499
Lip blush – $499
Lash enhancement –$499
Touch-ups for all cosmetic procedures
Within 12 months – $299
Within 24 months – $399
Within 36 months – $499

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  1. Quote Request

    Fill out the quot request form and wait for an email responce from an artist. When you recieve your responce, you call the shop to schedule and pay your deposit.

  2. Inking

    Show up for your appointment a few minutes early with your state issued photo ID.